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Secret Santa Fanwork Exchange! [tryout version 1.0] REGISTRATION STARTS NOW =D

All comments will be screened (: If you have queries or you've noticed stuff I should edit, do drop a comment (anon or otherwise) on this post: Since it's a discussion post, you can also talk about anything related to the exchange over there. ;D

Focus: KakaNaru.

Types of fanworks accepted: fic/art/icon/video/etc.(if you're not sure, drop a question on the discussion post linked above. ^^)

No. of prompts per person: please make three prompts, one of which must be below the Mature rating, as some authors/artists/etc are not comfortable with writing/drawing explicit material.
Every participant must make at least one fill, or else there will not be enough to go around. Thank you! (:

Deadline for sign-up: 12/12/2011 (if there are late sign-ups, I will see what I can do for you - eg. match you up with another late sign-up, etc)

Deadline for submission: send your completed works to my email ( by 31/12/2011. I left a few extra days after Christmas as I know some people get swamped by RL stuff during that time. (:

Where to post: Post your work to this community with [secret santa 2011] before the rest of your subject title.

When to post: Anytime after you have completed your fill, but try to post it latest by end of January 2012.

Fics: should be of decent length (at least 100 words). If the prompt allows for it, several pieces of ficlets totalling up to a decent word count (>100) is also acceptable. Other requirements include accuracy of grammar, spelling, terminology, and so on. (If you send in a work that's full of language mistakes I will indignantly edit every single mistake for the prompter's sake, and then send it back go you with a scolding. >:3)
Art: ummmm... it's a bit hard to specify the requirements ^^;; but just make sure there's enough effort put in, and that it is of a viewable size and resolution.
Icons: a minimum of ten icons per fill.
Video: minimum length: to be decided, but at least 1~2 minutes should be an acceptable minimum line? ^^;;

Rating: Dear prompters and authors/artists, please specify the highest rating you're willing to write/draw for. (:

Pitch-hitters: If you wish to only fill prompts and not make any, or if you'd like to make more than one fill, please say so when you fill in the sign-up comment form. Thanks!

If you cannot meet the deadline or really need to drop out...
Try to tell me as soon as possible. If you need a deadline extension, suggest a date, and if you need to drop out, I'll try to get a pitch-hitter to cover for you. (:

I have no idea how to embed a scroll box, but I'll try. >_>

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