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25 October 2015 @ 07:36 pm
How has everyone been? Many sorries for not posting here for so long ^^;;
So much time has passed since the last time we had a good mass flail session here in the KNK comm... those who are still alive and checking up on this site, please leave a comment to say hi~
18 July 2015 @ 05:25 pm
Interested in what I'm selling?

2015-06-29 15.28.04.jpg.jpeg

please head on over to my journal for prices and info.

This is the last part of “Lullaby” xD

RAW Doujinshi – 子守唄 後編 其ノ二 [KakaNaru]

Download: http://onigiriramen.com/blog/?p=3530
RAW Doujinshi – 子守唄 後編 其ノ一 [KakaNaru]
Download: http://onigiriramen.com/blog/?p=3498
RAW Doujinshi – 子守唄 総集編 上巻 [KakaNaru]
Download: http://onigiriramen.com/blog/?p=3461
18 January 2015 @ 01:06 am
E A R N E D   I T
[kakanaru fiction]
Hatake Kakashi – focus
Uzumaki Naruto – later parts focus

After the 4th Shinobi War, all the fears of the aftermath came crashing all too heavily to those who have survived. Even after more than a year, with the Village of Konoha, nearing its full restoration, there are still issues commencing here and there, that includes some slight disagreements between the Allied Shinobi Forces. But with the both fear and respect towards the hero of the battle, Naruto, everything always ended up ironed out. And Kakashi Hatake could never ever get his head wrap around how blessed all of them are by merely the fact Naruto exists. His feelings toward Naruto that has been pushed back deeply before and during the war are of different story though, now that the world is peaceful and he has the time to ponder on them. Especially when Naruto himself seeks for any familiarity that he boldly proposes the sensei can only provide. Kakashi knew though, his feelings and Naruto’s are of not in the same page, yet.


Story in my profile
deeternity. Thank you.

P.S I'm new. Hi everybody. Quick note.

P.S, if you know any OTHER community for Kakanaru I could join myself, I’ll be glad. As I can see how scarce the fans are for this couple it’s saddening to no ends, I’d be happy to find all the fans there is for this couple. This couple isn’t my first boyxboy couple and it’s simply breaking my heart to know they’re not so renowned. Though I know a good reason why that is. Despite myself swearing not to write fanfictions again, I know the struggle of not finding enough really good masterpieces around for this couple, I couldn’t help jotting down this fiction.
It might not be as good as the ones I’ve read already but hey, one more Kakanaru fanfiction around is a keeper, right? I just have to write. My author self is tickling me to write so I gave in.
Anyways, have fun.
07 November 2014 @ 10:40 am

I know that all are sad about the Naruto's end, but maybe this can liven up someone. :,(

I have some doujinshi I need to sell urgently! >/////////<

They were for my store, but I'm changing some things. The doujinshis will be sent from Brazil (the store will work just sending doujinshis from Japan).

The shipping price is $8.50 (economic shipping + track number for 1 doujinshi, B5 size, to maximum 36 pages). Send me a message (or comment) to find out the shipping fee. Generally, this shipping modality takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive. EMS is $30 (500g) and take a few days to arrive.

->>>>>

Payment via paypal. :D
20 October 2014 @ 12:33 pm
Title: Her Father's Daughter
Author: tiptoetwirl
Summary: Sometimes even the love of a parent is not enough to keep the worst from happening but when you're Namikaze Naruto, and your father is the Hokage, nothing can keep you down for long.
Pairing: Kakashi/Fem!Naruto
Rating: NC-17/R-18/M/Explicit
Disclaimer: This is a fan-work, I am not associated with the Naruto franchise in any way nor am I making any profit from this story.
Author's Note: AU. Genderbender. I've played with the canon timeline a bit as well. Please read the warnings/summary/notes of the fic itself in case I've forgotten anything here.

Links: FF.net | AO3
08 May 2014 @ 04:43 pm

Title: Regret
Author: uzumaki rakku
Characters: Naruto, Kakashi, Sakumo, Kakashi's mother (mentioned)
Pairing: KakaNaru
Genre: Angst/Romance
Rating: T
Summary: Sakumo knew that his son had died alone. There was something in his eye that showed it – a lingering strand of attachment wound tightly around something never quite fulfilled, pulling at him, and hurting even as he smiled. It was the reason Kakashi had ended up in that place with him, father and son trapped in the same quiet loneliness... —Counterpart to With the Sky in His Eyes.

(fake cut to fic at FFN.)

(fake cut to fic at AO3.)
05 May 2014 @ 08:50 pm
Kakashi asks about the next Icha Icha volume, Jiraiya remarks that he's young and should have more important things in life... Kakashi immediately thinks of Naruto.


video embedded under the cutCollapse )
More Romangst, a bit of a what-if kind of fic written after the chapter 660s of the manga.

Title: When your voice becomes soundless, let your actions speak.
Author: uzumaki rakku
Characters: Naruto, Kakashi
Pairing: KakaNaru
Genre: Angst/Romance
Rating: T
When Madara's chakra chains grabbed hold of the nine bijuu, Kakashi felt a terrible premonition. And with a touch of déjà vu, he knew what he was going to do. But through it all he said nothing - for there was no need for words anymore, not when he was about to fulfil his promise with the permanence of action... [Possible midquel between Intention and Sleep.]

(fake cut to fic at FFN.)

(fake cut to fic at AO3.)

19 April 2014 @ 10:27 pm
In the spirit of Easter and my habit of leaving little "easter eggs" in my stories, I thought I'd post some fluffy/angsty candy. Technically, this is a one and a half shot. The second short is continued from Hiruzen's POV in the story "Notes", and the fourth short refers directly to the story "Things Just Ain't..." However, you don't have to read either of them to enjoy this. =)

The fanart that inspired the first three short-stories are also linked on my profile. You should go lavish the artists with praise, they're AMAZING!

Kakashi and Naruto one-shot, Gen story.

There are moments in life that change everything, that are never forgotten and never remembered. A moment of hesitation saves a life, and a moment of curiosity reveals how life is worth saving. A moment to wonder if you'll lose all humanity, and a moment to retrieve what was lost from the darkness.
08 April 2014 @ 05:48 pm
And someone filled it! =DDDDDDDDDDD

It was for the 2014 Feb kink_meme, and I thought some of you might get a kick out of the prompt fill. It's sexy but pretty 'tongue-in-cheek', and Sai is freaking HILARIOUS. It was everything I could have asked for, I love it. XD

Kakashi/Naruto - because sometimes wall-sex isn't enough
06 April 2014 @ 04:26 pm
Right, so this is the part where I make a complete fool of myself for just posting a story without saying "Hi" first. Lurking is so ingrained in me, I don't even think about intro posts. Sorry for being a creeper! I don't mean to be rude, I'm just made that way. OTL
THIS FANFICTION IS COMPLETE! AND I'VE FINALLY GOT ALL THE CHAPTERS ON LJ! WOHOOO! XD Although I'm still having minor aneurisms over some of the formatting errors I simply can't fix. *twitch* I don't want to spam the community, so I'll just post this first chapter up, and anyone who wants to read it all the way through can pop over to my journal. =)

Allrighty, this is a multi-chapter KakaNaru fanfic: Humor/Friendship/Romance/Hurt/Comfort/Yaoi/Horror/Drama/EVERYTHING! There will be manga spoilers and explicit content in later chapters, but for now there's just a healthy amount of cussing. I highly recommend reading the appendix of alternate POVs, 'Certain Things Rearrange...', along with this.

The war is over. Naruto is 18 and growing up. Kakashi and Naruto care for each other on a platonic level. So, what would happen if that started to slowly change?

Book I: Windswept Grass and Sunlight

Naruto Fanfiction(KakaNaru)
Naruto characters (c) Kishimoto Masashi
02 April 2014 @ 12:04 am
i'd just like to say that it makes me so happy to have found this community ;u;

a whole treasure trove for me to go through, woo hoo!